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 QLD249 Julia

My husband and I have 3 children. A boy in Year  2 who loves lego and building and creating things, A boy in Prep who loves helping put and a 3 month old boy.My husband and I run a cattle properties in QLD.  There is 2 other permanent staff that live on the property. as well as contractors at different times. 


Apply to Julia
Email address Julia_bowden@hotmail.com
Phone Number 07 47703170

Start Date July 2018
School Charters Towers Distance Ed
Location 250km SE Charters Towers
School Charters Towers Distance Ed

Essential Criteria
·         Senior First Aid and CPR Certificate
·         Working With Children Check in our state (Can be applied for upon application)
·         ABN (Can be applied for upon application)
·         Blue Card
·         Police Check
·         4wd drive

Station life
Please ask us if you would like to participate in anything as sometimes we forget to offer.  Any help offered is always welcome.
Social life
While we do not consider that we are geographically isolated, social life in the bush can be limited.  The Tutor may need to be willing to seek some entertainment/social life away from the property.  It is not a requirement but the Tutor is encouraged to get away on some weekends.  Sometimes we have to leave the property on weekends for business and we cannot include the tutor for this.

Job Duties
Home Tutor of 2 children, a boy in Year 2 and a boy in prep studying at Charters Towers Distance Education Schoo, , at Glendon Station, 140 km south of Little Town
Prepare  and organise the weekly program and schoolroom.  Supervise the children's work and help as required (but do not do the work for them). When possible include younger children (preschoolers) in school activities (e.g. sport, art, drama, etc.)   We aim to have as much ‘face to face’ experience with the child/children’s class as possible and will attend as many camps, workshops, mini-schools etc. as possible.  You will be expected to support our child/children as necessary during these outings. 
This position may include the following duties and general help;
You are required to keep schoolroom and your own quarters in a tidy conditioning.
The schoolroom is inside the house in a separate room, the veranda is used for arts and crafts and storage.  The home dining room can also be used as a school room if two children in the main room becomes too hectic.  I will be schooling one child and expect the tutor to school the other, so a shared workload.

Either a room provided in the family home or a modern caravan with a double bed, up to the individual as to preference.  Shared dining and kitchen area.   
All linen is supplied but can use own if preferred. The cleaning of the house and schoolroom is the responsibility of Supervisor. No smoking in any of the buildings.  The main house also has access its own satellite box for television and non heavy use of the internet is applicable.
Hours of work
Children’s school hours can vary with season but are generally 7.30 – 3.00 Monday to Friday, plus Home Tutor will require additional time to prepare lessons. Home Tutor is encouraged to include extracurricular activities for the children outside of school if time permits, i.e. cooking, science experiments, physical exercise as well as extra school work if required.  Some house work is also required if the school day is to be finished sooner, this would be some hoovering, tidying and dishes.
Home Tutor will be provided with all their meals, we do require family time in the evening but home tutor is welcome to dine with the contractors and other permanent staff members.

Twice a week from Collinsville delivered to the homestead on Tuesday’s and Friday’s.

A mobile phone connection is not supplied but land line is.

Satellite Internet access in the schoolroom for free.
We will be employing you through the In Home Care scheme.  We will support you with information about this upon application.
OPTION 1 (for people on wages)
Salary Package Valued at $700
* Gross Pay per week       $ 550.00
* Fringe Benefits provided by employer valued at $150 per week
·         Accommodation & Electricity
·         Phone
·         Internet and computer in schoolroom
·         Meals according to arrangements negotiated
* Holiday Options
Option 1: School Holidays will be paid at 50% of Weekly Salary.
Option 2: School Holidays will be unpaid.
Option 3: School Holidays will be paid.
Option 4: 6 weeks School Holidays are paid. (This may be paid as a lump sum at the end of year)
When necessary to attend school function and some social functions nearby supervisor will be transported with the family as room in vehicle allows. If supervisor uses own vehicle to attend school function, they will be reimbursed for fuel if appropriate.
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