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Home Tutor Register

Northern Territory Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association


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General Description

The NT branch of the ICPA runs a home tutor register.  This works similar to Governess Australia in that families wanting a home tutor register and home tutors looking for positions apply to the register.  The register then forwards all home tutor applications to the families on the register.

The NTICPA HTR covers a large range of families and positions.

·         If you are interested in working as a home tutor in the Northern Territory please contact the NTICPA Home Tutor Register.

·         If you are a family wanting a home tutor please contact the NTICPA Home Tutor Register.

Please read below for more information, positions and descriptions will vary from family to family and job to job.  This is a general overview………


Job Description

Ø      Organise and prepare daily lessons as set out by school of the air.

Ø      Mark child’s work each day.

Ø      Checking of child’s & tutor email accounts for daily messages in regards to school.

Ø      Ensure that each child attends schedules IDL & PLT lessons.

Ø      Maintain a clean, organised, and child friendly school room.

Ø      Ensure that school supplies are never depleted.

Ø      Liaise with the child’s teacher in regards to child’s progress, learning and other general topics.

Ø      After school sports activities with the child.

Ø      Attend in-school sessions when required.

Ø      Support the child through the learning process.

Ø      Must love working with children


Varies from Family to Family, Job to Job.  Average wages is between $400 - $700 per week depending on experience and expectations.


Each station has a different arrangement/set up.

Some families have a ‘school house’ which accommodates the tutors sleeping quarters and the school room. Other stations have are more separated arrangement with sleeping being in one building and the school room being in another building.

School room

Each school room different – but none the less effective for its purpose.

Hints, Tips and Information…

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Travelling on outback roads

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