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 NSW007 Gabie

We are a family owned & operated Merino sheep and cattle station in Western NSW. We are a busy household with lots happening. We don’t have any full time staff although employ contract labour on a needs basis. We live on our family sheep & cattle station with our homestead being on the bank of the Darling River. Our family consists of my husband, myself + our 5 sons. The two elder twin boys are away from home working. Our middle son is at Boarding school in Sydney. At home are our youngest twin boys turning 11 in April 2018 that will be starting Yr 5 next year.

Apply to GABIE
Email address - yathongastation@westnet.com.au
Phone Number - 02-68747390
Start Date  Jan 2018
School - Broken Hill SOTA
Location  60kms South of Louth

Essential Criteria
·         Senior First Aid and CPR Certificate
·         Working With Children Check in our state (Can be applied for upon application)
·         ABN (Can be applied for upon application)
A current Senior First Aid Certificate
•         Must be over 18 years old
•         Working With Children Check
•         ABN
•         Own reliable car is a must (4WD)
•         Some Govie/teaching experience would be desirable although all applicants will be considered
•           We want our Govie to be honest, reliable, loyal and have an obvious love of children.  
·         Non-smoker would be preferred.

Station life
Our Govie is welcome to be part of our family and participate in life around the property outside school time.  Please ask us if you would like to participate in anything as sometimes we forget to offer.  Any help offered is always welcome. It is also a chance to see what the boys do outside the schoolroom & be a part of their “backyard”.
Social life
While we do not consider that we are geographically isolated, social life in the bush can be limited & often it is what you make of it which means traveling however that is part of life out here.  Weekends are your own giving you opportunity to meet up with other Govies in the area or attend social events. Our Govie is also welcome to join in with any social event we may be attending.
Job Duties
Our position involves being totally responsible for the schoolroom & therefore the daily teaching of our 2 sons & all that that includes plus maintaining their areas in the house. More details on application.
We want our schoolroom to be a fun, positive learning environment for our boys. They are keen students & very lovable little boys whom can spin yarns like old men.
•           We aim to have an much ‘face to face’ experience with SOTA as possible and will attend as many mini-schools, classroom days etc as possible. You will be expected to supervise with me & support our children as necessary during these times.
•     Report weekly to me in regards to our sons progress for the week & show me samples of their work before it goes to the mail box. You will also be expected to liaise regularly with the year 5 teacher by phone, fax, email and or mail.
•    A positive and enjoyable learning environment is expected (i.e. no negativity or put downs.
•           We appreciate being told first when you are having problems e.g. not happy or if something breaks and needs fixing. As we can’t help if we don’t know. 
•           A firm and structured disciplinary environment within the schoolroom, developed in conjunction with my husband & I. This does not involve smacking and screaming. Discipline is carried out by our Govie in the schoolroom but if she is having trouble we are there to support fully.
•           Prepare a weekly timetable and organize daily lessons.
•           Supervise the schoolwork at ALL times & during school hours give 110% towards maintaining a healthy, happy learning environment for our boys.
•           Encourage our boys to have pride in their work & themselves.
•           The schoolroom is to be cleaned thoroughly each week with the bathroom more frequently if needed. The schoolroom is to tidied upon the end of the school day & the boys are expected to assist with this by way of packing up their desk & areas.
•           That you be a positive role model and set a good example for our boys.
•           If you are in a relationship we ask that you be discreet when the boys are present.
•           A willingness to admit that problems will occur and the ability to recognize them before they become unnecessarily insurmountable and the capacity to seek assistance is important.
•           Flexibility in this position is most important, both in & out of the schoolroom.
•           That you maintain the following: respect, care, fairness, patience, enthusiasm, helpfulness, acceptance, flexibility and confidentially of family and business matters. In return, we will do the same for you.  
•           That our Govie and our boys have FUN and when in the schoolroom that our Govie enjoys her teaching.
•            We understand that there are times when a ‘long’ weekend is required for various functions that our Govie may want to attend. We are very generous & understanding in regards to this. It just involves a mutual appreciation & planning around the schoolwork & the commitment to the schoolroom.    
The schoolroom is located in a cottage just off the back of the main house consisting of one large room & one smaller. Our schoolroom is extremely well stocked with all resources required to complete any school task including all craft activities, sorting equipment & the like.
There are two school computers with internet access.These computers are for the boys to carry out their “on air” lessons during the day plus other school activities. Their “on air” lessons are face to face with a two way live feed. There are also 2 ipads that can be used in the schoolroom.
The schoolroom is well heated & has two reverse cycle air conditioners for summer making it a comfortable area regardless of the temperature outside.
The schoolroom requires a thorough weekly clean including mopping floor vacuuming & dusting which is best done of a Friday so that it is then clean & ready for the next week unless of course you are going away for the weekend then Thursday that week is the obvious choice. Their bathrooms requires cleaning more frequently i.e.daily with a thorough clean weekly. 
A self-contained fully furnished 1 bedroom cottage with bedroom, loungeroom/dining room, own bathroom/laundry is supplied with the position which is about 50 mtrs from the main house yard. Please supply your own linen.
The cottage has its own telephone number for our Govie plus a internet connection .
The cleaning of the cottage is of course the responsibility of our Govie and as such we expect it to be kept clean & tidy.
The cottage has its own black box independent of the main house for television.
We are on mains power & have a very capable generator for back up when black outs occur.
Hours of work
A usual day starts at 8am allowing for variables that can arise & when attending school functions or travelling.

Our Govie is to prepare her own breakfast & lunch in her cottage. Smoko is with the boys which will be supplied & MON-THURS eat dinner with us. We will supply lamb (which we kill our own). There is always milk in the coolroom & bread in the freezer. All other groceries for weekends, breakfast & lunch are at Govie’s own cost.

Twice weekly from Bourke. Tuesday & Saturday. Our Govie is to have schoolwork to mailbox for the Saturday mailrun.

NO MOBILE SERVICE. A landline independent of the main house is in the cottage. We pay the line rental & the call costs of the monthly plan which includes calls to all mobiles only excluding overseas calls plus any other calls not covered under the plan.  

There is wifi internet in the cottage we pay for the plan (30GB Peak/35GB off-peak)) any over usage will be the responsibility of our Govie to pay.

We will be employing you through the In Home Care scheme.  We will support you with information about this upon application.
Good wage by Governess Australia standards.  More information on application according to experience.
Your own car is a must to attend social events however not always used if you are happy to travel with us to some things.


Current / 2013 Govie
Hannah Parish M: 0447402901 E: hannahp_03@hotmail.com
2015/16 Govie           
 Ellie Morton M:0448835543 E: elliemorton92@hotmail.com






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