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 NSW029 Kylie

Jack is the youngest of our 4 children and will be completing year 4 through Charleville School of Distance Education in 2018. His older brother has finished school and his two older sisters are in boarding school in Toowoomba so were looking for a Governess who will be happy to organize activities and interact with Jack in the afternoons after school as well. He is very outgoing and chatty, but well-mannered and behaved.

We are a very busy family and we try to be socially active. We attend many local events including field days and gymkhanas. We also have backpackers stay and help out occasionally.

We breed goats and operate a goat buying business on several properties in the Bourke-Hungerford area. We are 130km from Bourke and 300km from Cunnamulla. My husband does a lot of contract mustering and travels away for work at times. We employ several other workers (contract musterers) at various times but none of them live with us permanently.

Membership Number - NSW029
Apply to Kylie
Email address kyliebaty@bigpond.com
Phone Number 02 6874 7677

Start Date - Term 1 2018
School - Charleville SDE
Location - 130km North-West Bourke NSW

 Senior First Aid Certificate
 Working With Children Check (Can be applied for upon application)
 ABN (Can be applied for upon application)
 Current drivers license
 Own car would be considered an advantage

Station life:
We are a busy family and any help outside of the usual Governess role is always greatly appreciated, but will be by prior arrangement and only if you wish to do so.
We require a very motivated, flexible and open minded person who understands that we don’t work 9-5 hours. If I’m required to be away from the house during mustering or busy periods, I will ask for your help to watch Jack after school hours, and if you’re happy to peel a few vegetables for tea or bring the washing in off the line, it won’t go unnoticed! This is not an ongoing expectation – just during busy times. I also understand that flexibility is a two way street and am happy to consider any requests for afternoons/days/weeks off so long as the schooling needs can still be met.

I also believe that a Governess needs time out from the job and ensure that once work finishes this happens.

On occasions where our whole family travels away from home we may ask that you feed animals and/or water gardens. Again this would be by prior arrangement.

Social life:
While we do not consider that we are geographically isolated, social life in the bush can be limited. It is not a requirement, but getting away from the property from time to time will definitely make life more enjoyable so having a driver’s license and your own car would be an advantage. We try to attend local functions and community activities and would welcome you to join us wherever possible.

We will be employing our Governess through the In Home Care scheme. Supporting information will be supplied upon application.

OPTION 2 (for people on contract with own ABN)
Salary Package Valued at $900
    * Gross Pay per week $700
    * Fringe Benefits provided by employer valued at $200 per week
        o Private 2 bedroom cottage Accommodation & Electricity.
        o Phone – Landline in cottage.
        o Satellite Internet connection (with limited monthly download) – in cottage.
    * Pay own TAX, superannuation and Public Liability Insurance

 in accordance with In Home Care regulations
 Copy of Public Liability Insurance needed

* Holiday Options
One week paid holidays (at usual rate) at the conclusion of each school term.

Our school area is a room within our house. It is fully equipped with desks, plenty of storage, computers (with satellite internet & wi-fi), telephone, fax line, various other electronic gadgets, and all the art/craft/work resources one could ever need!
It has a reverse cycle air con/heater.

The Governess accommodation is a basic but comfortable 2 bedroom (+ lounge room) cottage located approx 200m from main house/schoolroom.
It has refrigerated air con, wood stove/fire place, electric heater, and electric hot water (We have town power).

Fully self contained kitchen with stove and large fridge, assorted crockery, cutlery, plastic ware, & pots and pans. Double bed in main room and single beds in spare rooms. Some linen supplied or bring your own. Basic furnishings such as lounge, tables, wardrobes.

Pay TV and local TV channels, as well as satellite internet and telephone connection are all included within the salary package.
Bathroom with shower and own washing machine.
Basic garden & lawn area around cottage with watering systems on timers. Plenty of room for veggie garden if you’re that way inclined!

You would be expected to maintain the cottage and surrounds in a clean and tidy manner. This includes regularly watering the lawns and trees, mowing the lawns, and whipper snipping/poison spraying weeds. Not only does this help to maintain an aesthetic visual appearance but also minimizes the risk of snakes in hiding in the yard!

Our chook pen is located at the back of the cottage yard. We ask that the Governess helps to feed, water and lock the chooks up daily (In return we’ll share the tasty, fresh eggs!).

Home Tutor to Jack in year 4, studying via Charleville School Of Distance education, at Muella Station, 130 km North-West of Bourke NSW.

To manage the schoolroom and tutor Jack:

 To maintain an energetic and positive learning environment that is adaptive and flexible to the needs of our child.
 To organise the day to day routine in the school room, setting up resources and materials required to undertake lessons, and to assist/monitor learning and completion of work as set by school teacher.
 To maintain a clean and organised area for learning. This also includes encouraging Jack to maintain his own personal spaces.

I cannot commit to teaching Jack myself but I do like to be involved, and to feel comfortable in offering positive suggestions and comments. I would like the Governess to understand that this is by no means an indication of poor performance on their behalf, rather us being able to work together as a team – sometimes two heads can be better than one!

I like to be kept up to date on each unit of work and to know how my child is progressing. I need a Governess who is well organised and able to independently run the school room, yet also able to communicate openly about both the positive and negative aspects, capable of asking for help without feeling that this is a weakness.

A typical day:
Governess arrives around 8am to be organized for day, check emails from teachers etc.

School starts at 8.30am. The morning session usually includes a writing task, spelling activities, reading, an “on air” English lesson and revision games through to smoko from 10.30-11am. A second “on air” lesson covers the Maths work before lunch from 12-1pm (Usually our Governess goes back to the cottage for lunch break). Geography, science etc lessons are completed after lunch and school work is usually finished by 3pm (note: “on air” lessons are done via teleconference and web conferencing link to the class teacher at Charleville).
Most afternoons Jack likes to do some sort of cooking/sport/craft/outside activity. Sometimes he is happy just to finish school and do his own thing.

During Jack’s “on air” lessons our Governess would usually be nearby listening in whilst preparing the lessons and materials for the following day(s). Any extra prep would be done in the afternoon, as well as cleaning and tidying the school room before finishing the day at 5pm.

We expect that our Governess would attend school functions such as camps, workshops, mini-schools etc which can require overnight stays of 2-3 nights. On such occasions we will arrange transport or provide reimbursement when personal car is used.

On occasion we may ask you to take care of Jack after school, for short periods of time, usually during busy mustering periods etc.

You would not be expected to work during school holidays or weekends, unless you chose to do so. This would be by prior arrangement only.

Hours of work:
Typically 8am-5pm Mon-Fri with a 1 hour lunch break.

You would be responsible for your own meals. A 1 hour lunch break is provided during which time I suggest you return home to the cottage (Not because we don’t want you around, but so that you can have a break from the school environment!).
Station meat can be supplied and eggs if available.
Some days the Governess may be required to supervise morning tea and lunch if I am not available.

Twice weekly from Bourke delivered to the house Wednesday and Saturday mornings.
Governess is responsible for getting set work ready for post.

No mobile phone coverage is available.
A landline is provided in the Governess cottage and all local and STD calls are provided free. Calls to mobiles may be extra.
Phone in schoolroom is to be used only for school matters during school hours unless otherwise negotiated.

Satellite internet access is provided to the Governess cottage with a limited monthly download. Extra charges will be the responsibility of the Governess.

When necessary to attend school function and some social functions nearby you would be transported with the family, so long as room in the vehicle allows. If you are required to use your own vehicle to a attend school function, you will be reimbursed for fuel.

First Aid & Working With Children Check:
All employees will be required to have or get at the beginning of employment their Senior First Aid Certificate and be willing to get a working with children's check.

Other Conditions:
Willing and able to be employed as an “In Home Carer” through Far West In Home Care, Cobar. This includes having an ABN, insurance (available through In Home Care), first aid certificate, and undertaking a working with children check.
A current drivers license is essential and own car is advantageous
Due to the digital content of the new curriculum, we require a person with sound computer skills and experience with Microsoft Office and web based applications.
We would prefer someone with distance education experience and/or someone who has teaching experience or is thinking of becoming a teacher.
All applicants will be considered.
Living out here can be challenging but also very rewarding!

2017 Mikaela Cuffe
2016 Rebecca Appleton
2015 Sally Bain
2013, 2009 & 2008 Shirlee Jennings
2011 & 2010 Rebecca Bennett
Contact details for previous Governess will be supplied at your request.


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