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NSW035 Carolyn

 My husband and I have 3 children. Hayley 11 years old, Corey 9 years old and Jake 5 years old, Hayley is in Year 5 who loves horse riding, Corey in year 3 and he loves motor bikes and Jake is in Kindy he loves motor bikes.  Our family loves to go to campdrafts, Horse Gymkhanas, Bikekhanas and Rodeos.    We manage a family sheep station in the corner country of NSW, 290 km North of Broken Hill and 50 km south of Tibooburra. Milparinka Hotel is 13km away.




Apply to Carolyn O’Connor
Email address mandcmtbrowne@bigpond.com
Phone Number 0880913588
Start Date - ASAP
School - Broken Hill School of The Air
50 km from Tibooburra
290km from Broken
13km from Milparinka Hotel

Senior First Aid Certificate
Working With Children Check (Can be applied for upon application)
ABN (Can be applied for upon application)










Station life:
During the year we have three main busy time periods with sheep and the children love to help, shearing, lamb marking and crutching.  The Tutor is welcome to be part of our family and participate in life around the property outside school time.  Please ask us if you would like to participate in anything as sometimes we forget to offer.  Any help offered is always welcome.

Social life:
While we do not consider that we are geographically isolated, social life in the bush can be limited.  The Tutor may need to be willing to seek some entertainment/social life away from the property.  It is not a requirement but the Tutor is encouraged to get away on some weekends. Tibooburra has two pubs which is 50kms away and Milparinka Hotel 13km away. During the cooler months we try to participate in some horse sporting events. Tutors are welcome to come along.  If the family is attending a function or social event we will endeavour to include the Tutor where possible.

We will be employing you through the In Home Care scheme.  We will support you with information about this upon application.
Salary Package Valued at $900
* Gross Pay per week       $ 800.00
* Fringe Benefits provided by employer valued at $100 per week
·         Accommodation & Electricity
·         Wi-Fi at the house
·         Internet and computer in schoolroom
·         All meals provide
·         All accommodation paid for when we go to town or away for school etc.
* Pay own TAX, superannuation and Public Liability Insurance
·         in accordance with In Home Care regulations
* Holiday Options
Holidays are your option and so far we have been paying for the holidays and use the hours as time in lieu for busier times.

The schoolroom is 3m from the house and is a 3 roomed building with toilet and shower.  One room is the classroom, little room for the computer and the other room is the Governess’s room. The schoolroom must be cleaned and tidied regularly by Tutor.  Encourage the children to participate in this by packing up their own desk areas. Great heating and cooling with a split system.  Large window to provide natural light.

There is a room on the opposite side of the classroom with toilet and shower.
All linen is supplied but can use own if preferred. The cleaning of the room is the responsibility of the Tutor. The Tutor’s room also has its own TV and satellite. Full Mobile reception.
Job Description
Home Tutor of 3 children, a girl in Year 5, boy in year 3 and a boy in Kindergartner via Broken Hill School Of The Air.
Prepare and organise the weekly program for the school room.  Supervise the children's work and help them as they require. We try to attend as many ‘face to face’ experience with the children’s class as possible and as many camps, mini-schools etc. as possible.  You will be expected to supervise and support our children as necessary during these outings. 
This position may include the following duties and general help;
o     Help with dishes and setting table.
o    You are required to keep schoolroom and your own quarters in a tidy condition.
o    Flexibility with school in lamb marking, shearing and crutching times.
o    Care for the three children on occasions when we are busy.
o    You may be required to do Extra hours in our busy times with compensation.









Hours of work:
Children’s school hours can are generally 9.00 –3.00 Monday to Friday, plus Home Tutor will have the hour before and after school to prepare the school room. Home Tutor is encouraged to include extracurricular activities for the children outside of school room if time permits before school hours, i.e. playing games.

All meals are provided.
On Days that we are not home or busy lunch and morning tea will be up to the home tutor to get out for the children.
Twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday. Home Tutor is responsible for getting the children’s school work ready for post.
Full mobile reception

Satellite Internet access in the schoolroom for free and Wi-Fi at the house

When necessary to attend school function and some social functions nearby supervisor may be transported with the family as room in vehicle allows. If supervisor uses own vehicle to attend school function, they will be reimbursed for fuel if appropriate.
First Aid & Working With Children Check:
All employees will be required to have or get at the beginning of employment their Senior First Aid Certificate and be willing to get a working with children's check.
Other Conditions:
 We also prefer a commitment by a Tutor to stay to the end of the school year as this continuity is better for the children.
Referee - Past Govie:
Penny O’Dowd – mobile 0418304885

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