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My husband and I run our own sheep and cattle property in far western NSW.  We have 4 boys: Jack who is in year 4, Ned who is in year 2, Finn who is in Preschool, Archie who is 2 years old

Apply to Tennille Siemer
Email address Coally.stn@bigpond.com
Phone Number 08 80913536 or 0429953961
Start Date 1st Feb 2018
School Broken Hill SOTA
Location 265 km North of Broken Hill
70 km South of Tibooburra
30 km  South of Milparinka
On the Silver City Highway :  Coally Station


·         Senior First Aid Certificate
·         Working With Children Check (Can be applied for upon application)
·         ABN (Can be applied for upon application)
·         Nonsmoker

Our Property:
We employ at least one full time worker along with other seasonal contractors during busy times.  

Station life:

The Governess is welcome to be part of our family and participate in life around the property outside of school time.  Any help offered is always welcome however it must be understood that this is a governessing role only and not a jillaroo/jackaroo role.

There are many young families in our area and we meet for Toy Library and cluster school days at the Milparinka Hotel (30km away) approximately every 3 weeks.


Social life: We are a very social family. 

We do not consider that we are geographically isolated however social life in the bush can be limited.  The successful applicant will need to be willing to seek some entertainment/social life away from the property.  It is not a requirement but the Governess is encouraged to get away on weekends.

We have found through experience that applicants with an outgoing personality, who are eager to socialise and meet new people are more suited to this position.

We will support you with information about this upon application.

The school room is about 20m from the house. It is one large room and was restored/renovated in November 2013.
The schoolroom must be cleaned and tidied regularly.  There is a split system for heating and cooling. The schoolroom is fully stocked with resources both supplied by us and School of the Air, however if the governess thinks more are needed we are happy to purchase when required.
2 bedroom, self-contained cottage (approx. 4 years old) complete with kitchen, living, bathroom and laundry, approx. 150m from main house. All cutlery, crockery, cooking utensils and furniture are included.  The accommodation is only for the governess and the successful applicant will not, at any time, have to share facilities.
Linen will be supplied however the governess can use own if preferred.
Governess of 3 children, Jack in Year 4, Ned in Year 2 and Finn in Preschool
8am: Arrive in schoolroom and prepare room for the day, prepare any resources required for day’s programmed work and air lessons. Check school email.  Prepare sporting equipment outside.
By 8.30am: 20-25min “warm up” which usually includes the four boys. Our sporting equipment should be used to improve the children’s ball skills by playing cricket, soccer, hockey, basketball, t-ball, touch footy, obstacle courses etc.. Music can also be played and used for morning dancing etc. basically any activity to get the blood pumping and the boys enthusiastic about their day. The children look forward to this session so the more effort the governess puts into the planning the more the children will get out of it.  School of the Air does program PE and Learning Enrichment activities that will also be completed at this time.
Jack and Ned will then enter the schoolroom and complete their set work (which is programmed by their School of the Air teachers based in Broken Hill). The boys will also have up to 2 satellite lessons per day with their class and Broken Hill teacher. Morning smoko/recess will be taken when best suits and a 10min fruit break around 12noon, lunch at 1pm. Both boys have strengths and weaknesses, the successful applicant will be someone that can inspire the children and bring the best out in their learning.
Finn will enter the schoolroom for only 15 hours per week to complete his Preschool program.
School is out by 3pm, however the governess is expected to spend the final hour of their day tidying the schoolroom and preparing for the following day. As this is a multi aged schoolroom preparation is key!
Completed set work and feedback will be collated and emailed to School of the Air each Friday, I am also to be CCed into all emails sent to SOTA.
I do not expect help with my housework. Although this position will include the following duties and general help;
o   When eating with the family help with dishes, setting table
o   Keep schoolroom and cottage clean and tidy
o   Keep sports equipment organised and packed away after morning warm up and sport sessions
o   Preparing morning/afternoon tea and lunch for the children if I am busy.
Hours of work:
Working hours will be: 8am-4pm Monday to Friday.
The Governess is expected to deliver the SOTA program to the children but also be able to change aspects to suit each child’s needs.
If the Governess requires time off I do expect a reasonable amount of notice.
On school days the governess may need to prepare the children’s morning tea and lunch, especially if I’m working in the paddock
The governess will supply and have their breakfast in the cottage along with all weekend meals. We will supply morning tea and lunch during the week in the main house. The governess will also have the evening meal, if they wish, with the family up to 3-4 nights a week.
Supply of food and meals can all be spoken about before the governess starts and we can change it depending on our arrangements.
Twice a week from Broken Hill delivered to the homestead on Tuesday and Thursday.
Bring your own mobile phone. Telstra next G is required.

Satellite Internet access in the schoolroom for free. You can also bring a laptop/ipad etc. You will need a Telstra Next G dongle/Wi-Fi to get a connection.
When necessary to attend school function and some social functions nearby supervisor will be transported with the family if room in vehicle allows. If supervisor uses own vehicle to attend school function, they will be reimbursed for fuel where appropriate.
First Aid & Working With Children Check:
All employees will be required to have their Senior First Aid Certificate (including CPR unit) and be willing to get a working with children check.
Other Conditions:
This position will include some childcare at various busy times for example during stock work and at any School of the Air functions.  We encourage our children to complete chores, tidy up after themselves and be resposible therefore childcare is not a regulary duty.  Please be aware that childcare tasks will increase and be expected when we attend School of the Air functions eg. Sports Day, Classrooms, Mini Schools etc.
We expect the governess to use phone etiquette, therefore mobile phones will only be used for educational purposes in schoolroom e.g. taking photos of boy’s work, playing music etc. Mobile phones will not be used at the kitchen table or for personal reasons when the governess is working with the children.
We also expect the governess to be sensible when discussing our family, home or posting photos of our children on Social Media.
It is expected that the governess keep myself and the School of the Air teachers up to date with everything that occurs in the schoolroom, open communication is the key!
Our boys are spirited, outdoor country kids, they are not angels and at times do not want to be in the schoolroom. This is not an easy job, with three in the classroom we require someone that is organised and motivated. For the right person this will be an extremely rewarding job but firm boundaries will need to be set and where possible school work be adapted to be “taken off the page”.
Sorry no pets.
We are looking for someone that is excited about living in the outback and working with children. The successful applicant will lead by example, make learning fun and engage our boys! I hope that I haven’t scared you off, we are a fun loving and social family.
2017 governess – Jane McCulloch – janeomcc@gmail.com
2016 governess – Katrinna Weston – katrinnawestonphotography@gmail.com
2015 governess – Hannah Condely – hannahbcondely@yahoo.com.au

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