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 NT037 Jade

Jak and I have 4 children. Rhianna is 9 years old and will be in yr. 4; she loves all things girly and horses. Ian is 8 years old and will be in yr. 3, he is the motorbike, machinery loving man with a cheeky sense of humor. Ian was diagnosed with Social and Communication Disorder in Jan 2015. Justin is 6 years old and he is in Year 1; He loves his cows, horses and Lego. Aaron 4 is the little man of the family with the big personality, he just wants to be with the big kids doing what they’re doing, and he too loves his bulls and horses.  And he will be in Transition.

Jak and I are the Managers for the Newcastle Waters Group of Consolidated Pastoral Company, based at Newcastle Waters Station. The 3 properties are mainly breeding places with NCW being used as fattening as well as Bull breeding. There are many creeks and lakes and the land types are quite diverse over the 3 places.
There are around 30 other permanent staff that live on the Station, as well as contractors at different times.  For more information on the company and the station visit our web page www.pastoral.com.au 


Apply to
Jade – Newcastle Waters CPC
Email address

Phone Number

Start Date
 Jan 2018

Katherine School of the Air

400km South Katherine NT 
·         Senior First Aid Certificate
·         Working With Children Check
·         Car – there will be time where your own car would be very handy
·         Teaching or   Governess experience.


Station life:
There are plenty of opportunities to join in on station life. There is usually a chance to jump in and help out on days off, whether it be helping out in the yards, jumping in with the pilot or going out with the bore runner. There are also times whilst at work where we will go out with the kids to obtain station meat rations or help walk a mob away.

Social life:
There are plenty of opportunities to have a fun filled social life. We are a camp drafting family so you will attend numerous drafts with us throughout the year, helping out.   The station has a rec club open for staff for an hour each night with Friday and Saturday late night where you can purchase drinks and goodies. We endeavor to allow staff to attend as many social events as possible where time allows. We are only a bit over an hour away from Daly Waters Pub with many staff going there on a day off. There are many social events throughout the year such as shows, rodeos and camp drafts. There are also other govies in the area. Having your own car would be desirable if you wish to get away on your own some weekends.
You will be employed through the company. (EBA)
You will be payed a day rate dependant on experience starting at $134/day. Board and keep of $43/week is taken out of your wage beforehand.

The schoolroom is 2 large rooms located under the guest house about 80m away from the main house. The schoolroom is well equipped with art and craft supplied and plenty of storage space. There are 2 computers with internet for IDL lessons with the teacher. I always try to provide the desired resources and I am always open to suggestions of things for the schoolroom.  At the end of the school day it must be tidied up with a big clean at the end of the week.  Encourage the children to participate in this by packing up their desk areas. Good heating and cooling with the split system. 

A comfortable 2 bedroom flat at the end of the kitchen with shared bathroom, bar fridge and TV room with dvd player and vast box.  You will share with the station secretary. The bathroom is cleaned once a week by the domestic.
                                 Job Description
Governess/Home Tutor of 4 children, boy Transition, a boy in Yr. 1, a boy in Yr. 3 and a girl in Yr. 4 via Katherine School Of The Air, At Newcastle Waters Station, 400 km south of Katherine.
Home Duties:
Your role as a Governess/Home Tutor requires you to be able to share care for the children and their day to day needs. You will be required to prepare and supervise day time meals. Afternoons are usually spent doing an activity with the children such as cooking or swimming as well as some light domestic duties and doing the chooks and dogs.
Schoolroom Duties:
Prepare and organize the weekly program and schoolroom.  Supervise the children's work and help as required. When possible include younger children in school activities (e.g. sport, art, drama, etc.)   We aim to have as much ‘face to face’ experience with the child/children’s class as possible and will attend as many camps, workshops, mini-schools etc. as possible.  You will be expected to supervise and support our children as necessary during these outings.  We aim for someone who is going to provide a happy, positive learning environment but also someone who is able to provide discipline when needed. I like to know how the children are going and like to be approached and support you in any issues you are having in the schoolroom.

Hours of work:
The hours of work will normally be 6:30- 5:30 with 2hrs of break a day. In the morning you will be in the schoolroom for half an hour before coming up to the house at 7:00. Children’s school hours can vary but we are hoping for generally 8:00 – 3.00 Monday to Friday. Some weekends and nights may be required to worked during busy times and camp drafts. If extra time is required for you to prepare in the schoolroom we are more than happy for you to work on a weekend. When there is an event on in town we are happy to shuffle some days around to allow you to attend. There will be an opportunity in the middle of the year school holidays to take some time off if desired.

All meals are provided in the Station Kitchen. Some IDL lessons may clash with meal times and this will be worked out around IDL as to times for the Tutor breaks. 

The mail comes 3 times a week and bus freight every day.

There is full Telstra mobile coverage at the Station.
Mobile Calls that are made to and from the school will be reimbursed if appropriate.

Satellite Internet access in the schoolroom for free within reason outside of school hours.
We mostly travel together in the family car, there may be occasions when supervisors use their own vehicle to attend school functions, and they will be reimbursed for fuel if appropriate.
First Aid & WWC Check
First Aid & Working With Children Check:
All employees will be required to have or get at the beginning of employment their Senior First Aid Certificate and have a working with children's check.
As part of the company recruitment you will also be asked to do an online medical and a Police Check
Ideally we are looking for someone with governess or teaching experience. Someone with a bright bubbly disposition would be perfect for this role. The kids are generally well behaved children but love to get a little loose and be proper bush kids. I would like our employees to feel that we are approachable and for you to be comfortable with us so that you feel that you can discuss things with us and have a laugh. We try to be as sociable as time allows and we more than welcome you to come to social events if possible. Living and working on the station together can be full on so we try to be mindful of your time being your time. We try to allow time off for the social events and we are more than happy to negotiate time off for events.  We are a close family and we would like you to feel as though you are part of the family.
We also have a full time Nanny/Girl Friday, who works closely with the Governess. Their main tasks are helping around the home cleaning, cooking and looking after Aaron while the others are at school. She would also help out with some of Aaron and Justin’s school work. 


2012 Nanny Charlotte
“Working for the Andrews was the highlight of my year. Jak and Jade were very flexible and I felt as if I could go to them with any issues I had. Their children Rhianna, Ian, Justin and Aaron are a lot of fun and very active. Over the year I formed a close relationship with them all.”
2013/2014 Governess Kate
“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the family in the past 2 years. Jak, Jade and the kids have wonderful senses of humor and there is never a dull moment in the household. The kids are fantastic and I feel as though I have developed a very strong bond with them.  Station life is great, there is never a chance to get lonely and there are many times to join in around the place. When a social event was on they were very flexible and wouldn’t mind me having an extra day off to attend if possible. Both Jak and Jade are very approachable and would always help me out if I had an issue.  I have been included and made to feel like part of the family and know that I have made lifelong friends”.
2015 Governess Laura
“I have spent the past year with the Andrews family and have enjoyed every moment. From day one, you feel like part of the family. A new day guarantees a new adventure, whether it be in the school room, the yards, the plane or out in the paddock, there is never time for boredom. The school room is excellently resourced and if I ever felt I needed anything Jade was sure to order it within hours of my request. The family is very social, going the extra mile to attend camp drafts and rodeos and a bonus working with the children; you will always get to go. My year with the Andrews is one I will never forget, I came up here to teach but I feel I have learnt more than anyone.”
2016 Governess Anita
Coming to work for the Andrews family this year I was not quite sure what to expect, I can honestly say this year has lived up to all expectations plus more. The Andrews welcomed me into their family from day one, making me feel right at home. There is never a dull day working with the children, from the wild stories they share to the sense of achievement when they learn new skills each day.
This year I have had the time of my life at Newcastle Waters. I have had more of a social life than I ever had with Jade and Jak allowing time off to attend social events, or including you when they attend many camp drafts throughout the year.
2017 Governess Sue

I have really enjoyed my year in the Outback. I’ve been part of a vibrant community of about 35 and have never felt lonely or isolated. There is a range of ages, roles and backgrounds and everyone gets on. All staff work very hard but life is good. We are in the middle of the most glorious country, the weather is wonderful, if you like the warmth, and the sunsets and night skies are breathtaking. 
Working with Katherine School of the Air was new to me but teachers are very understanding and supportive and there are several opportunities through the year to meet with the teachers and other govies. The govies are all very dedicated and willing to share ideas, and again there is a range of age and experience. We hope to beat the teachers and parents, and win the relay at sports day next year!
The govie at NCW spends a lot of time with the children and the nanny outside school hours, and is a trusted member of a very active household full of pets, dressing up, horse riding, swimming and bikes. The children have wonderful lives - very different from city children - and it’s an honor to have been accepted into their family.


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