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 QLD149 PARAWAY Armraynald

My husband and I have 2 children. A boy in Prep who loves the outdoors, fishing, helicopter and generaly anything that keeps him busy and dirty. A girl in Year 5 who loves horses, reading, sports and is very academic.  My husband and I manage a cattle station for a large agricultural company. There are 11 other permanent staff that live on the property as well as contractors at different times of the year. We are lucky enough to have a beautiful river that runs through the property and a great little town only 30km away.


Apply to Hannah
Email address armraynald@paraway.com.au
Phone Number 0747485526

Start Date Jan 2018
School Mount Isa School of the air
Location 30km South of Burketown in the Gulf of Carpentaria
School Mount Isa school of the air

Essential Criteria
·         Senior First Aid and CPR Certificate or willing to obtain
·         Working with Children Check in our state (Can be applied for upon application)
·         A happy positive attitude with great communication skills.
·         A love and interest in children and their education
·         Own transportation
·         Previous teaching or governessing experience

Our Property
 The river at our back door and the staff social club building next to our lagoon.

The river at our back door and the staff social club building next to our lagoon.

Station life
The Governess is welcome to be part of our family and participate in life around the property outside school time. We have a great group of young people here and ideally, we would love a Govie who wouldn’t mind getting in and giving a hand where ever needed. 
Social life
We live in a very social part of the world and attend many campdrafts, rodeos and race meeting. We live in a great community where there is always something happening whether it be on a neighboring station or in the little townships of Burketown and Gregory.

Job Duties
Home Tutor of 2 children, a boy in Year 1 and a girl in Year 6 studying via Mount Isa School Of The Air, at Armraynald Station, 30 km south of Burketown.
Prepare  and organise the weekly program and schoolroom.  Supervise the children's work and help as required. Keep the school house clean and organized. Organise after school games and activities. We aim to have as much ‘face to face’ experience with the child/children’s class as possible and will attend as many camps, workshops, mini-schools etc. as possible.  You will be expected to supervise and support our children as necessary during these outings. 
This position may include the following duties and general help;
You are required to keep schoolroom and your own quarters in a tidy conditioning.
Helping out with odd jobs around the compound when required, this could include re stocking and cleaning of the station social club, feeding animals, moving sprinklers, picking up stores from town ect
Sometimes when both my husband and I are gone early for work you will be required to get the kids up and ready for the day, also there will be some after school care if we are both working late. This is only on rare occasions, usually we organize for one of us to be here.
We are looking for that very special person to teach the kids a love of learning and bring enjoyment to the classroom, as station governess you are very big influence on the children and become a very important member of the Armraynald crew.
The schoolroom is a large air-conditioned building with an open spacious setting, and lots of natural light. There is a reading corner, art and craft corner and lots of room for the kids desks and on air computer and phone. It has its own cement veranda with outdoor table setting and large grass area to play sports. The schoolroom must be cleaned and tidied regularly.  Encourage the children to participate in this by packing up their own desk areas. 

Inside the school room

School house

We have both single and couple accommodation.
Single accommodation includes your own ensuited room, with fridge, air conditioning and TV.
Couples accommodation includes a ensuited double room at the end of a three-bedroom cottage, the other two rooms ion the house are used for guests. There is a kitchenette, laundry and verandah overlooking our lagoon.
After work this is your own personal time and the kids are not permitted to go to your place of residence unless it’s with your permission.

Hours of work
Children’s school hours can vary with season but are generally 7.30 – 3.00 Monday to Friday, plus Home Tutor will require additional time to prepare lessons. Home Tutor is encouraged to include extracurricular activities for the children outside of school if time permits, i.e. cooking, science experiments, physical exercise. Flexibility is a must in this position as plans can change all the time on a cattle station.
All meals are provided, we have a full time cook who on work days will cook breakfast, smoko, lunch and dinner. On weekends off when the cook is not working you are more than welcome to help yourself in the main station kitchen. Many of the staff enjoy going into town for a pub meal on weekends off.  

Twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays, our mail man brings the mail right to our front door from Cloncurry and Burketown.

We have mobile phone boosters around the station and coverage can be picked up in the social club, office, and cottages.
We have mobile coverage and most employees have their own data plans. We have satellite internet in the school room, but we like to keep this for school room matters only. 
We will be employing you through the company. More information and negotiable on application according to experience.
When necessary to attend school function and some social functions nearby,
station vehicles will be used. If Governess uses own vehicle to attend school function, they will be reimbursed for fuel if appropriate.
Past Governess:  Jessica Arnold  0400480961
Past Governess: Lacie Clarke 0458597257

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