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 QLD149 PARAWAY Davenport Downs

My husband and I have three kids.  Twin 4-year-old boys and a 2-year-old boy.  They love to play together and enjoy doing crafts, reading and outside activities. 

My husband and I manage a large cattle station in the Channel Country of SW QLD for a corporate pastoral company.  I am primarily responsible for the office administration among other duties.  We have around 20,000 head of cattle across 3.7 million acres.  We employ a staff of up to 15 people.  The stock camp consists of around 6-7 people aging from 17-25 years old.

Apply to Carlea Myhill
Email address davenport@paraway.com.au
Phone Number (07) 46 573 033

Start Date  Jan 2017
School Longreach School of Distance Education
Location Davenport Downs, 355km south-west of Winton, western Queensland
Essential Criteria
Working with Children Check in QLD (Can be applied for upon application)
Experience working or living on a station is essential, whether that be governessing or nannying.  It could also include experience growing up on a station and doing distance education yourself.
A manual drivers licence (car)

Organised, self-motivated nature.
Enjoy spending time with young children   
Able to ride a horse would be an advantage (to help the kids), as would be an enjoyment of sports and the ability to teach and engage young children, including swimming.
A 4WD (or high clearance) vehicle would be desirable so you can take time away from the station on days off if you wish.
Senior First Aid and CPR Certificate (refresher course will likely occur through on-property training during the year)

Station life
Due to the geographical nature of the property, it is unlikely that much (if any) opportunity will arise to participate in any mustering and yard work.    
Station life is as enjoyable as you make it.  It is necessary that you enjoy your own company, but also that of a larger team.  During the peak mustering period, the stock camp work away from the station, returning to the station for days off.  Often during this period, there would be limited people living permanently at the station during this time. 
Social life
Davenport Downs is a fair way from anywhere (355km SW of Winton, QLD), but there is a myriad of social events and opportunities within a few hundred kilometers of our location.  A vehicle of your own would be ideal so that you can go to an event and catch up with other govies or friends you make in the area, as well as the staff on the station.
We try our best to get to a handful of campdrafts and rodeos throughout the year. 
We have a good social club that is for use by all staff.  It includes the sale of food and drinks, as well as Foxtel TV and a pool table in an air-conditioned shed.  The Social Club also own a speed boat that we take out on the Diamantina River during the warmer months for water sports.
You may bring a well-behaved dog with you and a horse if you wish.  We do have a few stipulations on this that can be discussed later.
Job Duties
Home Tutor of 2 children, twin boys starting E-Kindy via Longreach School of Distance Education in 2018 and outside school-hour care for a boy aged 2 at ‘Davenport Downs’, 355km south-west of Winton, western QLD.
Prepare and organise the weekly program and schoolroom.  Supervise the children's work and help as required (but do not do the work for them). When possible include the youngest child in relevant school activities (e.g. sport, craft, cooking etc.)   We aim to have as much ‘face to face’ experience with the child/children’s class as possible and will attend as many camps, workshops, mini-schools etc. as possible.  You will be expected to supervise and support our children as necessary during these outings. 
E-Kindy is part-time, so there will be other duties involved in this position which include (but not limited to):
-       Out of school hours care of all three children which may sometimes include preparing meals and bath/bed times.
-       Moving of lawn sprinklers (shared role)
-       Mowing of lawns (shared role)
-       General gardening duties when required (shared role)
-       Restocking, cleaning, ordering and administration of the staff social club
-       Light domestic work (shared role)
We prefer a commitment by a Tutor to stay to the end of the school year as this continuity is better for the children.
The schoolroom is 20m from the house in an old-style corrugated building.  It is in the process of being repainted and refurbished, and will include ample storage and desk space.  Two split system air-conditioners cool and heat the school room throughout the year.  There is plenty of natural light in the school room also. 
The schoolroom must be cleaned and tidied regularly.  Encourage the children to participate in this by packing up their own desk areas and helping to sweep.
I will endeavor to provide ample equipment and resources for the school room.
Accommodation is provided in the way of a private room, with shared bathroom facilities in a single-sex building.
Hours of work
When the stock camp are based at the station, hours of work will match theirs.  This is to encourage a ‘team’ environment and not segregate any particular person as having greater benefits than another.  This may mean an earlier start than normal.
When the stock camp are working away, hours of work will be around 6.30am to 5.30pm with ½ hour smoko and 1 hour lunch break.
This will be a 5-day week position.  There will be busy periods where you may need to work on a weekend to help us meet station deadlines.
Work during the mid-year school holidays will continue as a normal 5-day week position unless prior arrangements are made to take annual leave during this time.  Other tasks will be found for you to complete during school holidays (on top of what you would already have been doing).  The September school holiday period will need to be worked at the station as this is the busiest time in the office and I will need help looking after the kids during this busy time.
Food will be provided by the station.  We have a designated cook so whenever they are based at the station, four cooked meals per day are provided at set times.
When the cook is out at camp, you will be required to look after yourself for breakfast, smoko and lunch using station provided foods.  It is likely that we will take in turns to prepare the evening meal with those of us who remain on the station of an evening. 
I will supervise the childrens meals each day while you take your breaks unless arranged prior with you.  Depending on what a typical school day looks like, I may ask you to prepare their smoko, lunch and dinner prior to going on your break or finishing work for the day.  Some days you may be required to supervise morning tea and lunch if I am not available.
On days off, there are plenty of frozen meals available for eating, or any leftover dishes in the cold room as well as cooked cakes, slices, fruit and vegetables etc.  The station kitchen can be used for cooking.  The staff social club also stocks microwavable frozen foods such as pies, sausage rolls, pizzas etc that you can purchase. 
Twice weekly mail runs from Winton, Tuesdays and Fridays, weather dependent.
There is no mobile telephone coverage on the station.  A shared, ‘pay phone’ is available to staff to use which is located outside of the school room.  Phone cards are available for purchase through the social club.  Friends and family are able to call the staff phone at no cost to you.  The same telephone line is used inside the school room during school hours. 
Satellite Internet access in the schoolroom is available for school use.  I ask that no personal mobile phones or devices be taken into the school room during work hours. 
The staff share a satellite internet service based from the social club.  It is on a monthly ‘ticket’ system so all users are given equal access to the data.  Monthly data is approximately 10-15GB each, depending on the number of staff on the station.
We will be employing you as a permanent day rate employee. 
Day Rate ($155-$170)
* Gross Pay per week       $ 775-850
* Fringe Benefits provided by employer at no additional cost to you:
·         Accommodation & Electricity
·         Satellite Internet
·         Meals according to arrangements negotiated
* Holiday Options
7 weeks annual leave will accrue for each full season of work you complete.
*Seasonal Bonus
For each full year of service, the Company will pay a seasonal bonus, starting at $500 for the first full year completed, increasing each year thereafter.
*Travel Bonus
The Company will pay the equivalent of a bus fare home to your nearest Capital City after the completion of a full year of work.
When necessary to attend a school function, a station vehicle will be used.  You may choose to take your own personal vehicle if you wish, however fuel costs will be your own.
Station vehicles are for work only, so you are encouraged to have your own transportation for personal usage.

Davenport Downs Social Club:



Davenport Downs homestead complex:



Davenport Downs homestead complex:



Aerial view: Davenport Downs



Skiing on the Diamantina River, Davenport Downs:


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