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Our Family consists of Dad and Mum (Gordon and Sally) and our two adult sons (James and Harrison) who have left home and our youngest son Campbell who is 15 years of age.

Our family company has nine properties in a 200 km radius of Roma in South West Queensland.  Our home property is “South Bend”.  It is 10 000 acres cropping and cattle fattening operation, located 100 kms north of INJUNE, in a district called the Arcadia Valley located at the southern tip of the Carnarvon Gorge.



Membership Number - QLD 014
Apply to Sally
Email address admin@wstmor.com.au
Start Date Late Jan 2018
School Base School – Charleville SDE
Location 200km North of Roma  230 km South of Emerald

Senior First Aid Certificate
Working With Children Check (Can be applied for upon application)
ABN (Can be applied for upon application)
4WD car or car suited to country roads would be advantageous


Station life:
 Life can get pretty hectic – we have a very intensive grain growing enterprise coupled with breeding and fattening enterprise spread over 9 properties.  Our base is “South Bend’, we would love to show you what we do here – and all offers of help are appreciated.  During extra busy times we also employ Backpackers as well.


Social life:
Arcadia Valley is located 100 kms from Injune, a small town of approximately 300 people, we do not consider that we are geographically isolated, however social life in the bush can be limited.  Our district has a small school and active Recreation Association which is housed in the district hall 13kms from our property.   Most Friday nights there is social tennis, BYO BBQ and bar.  There are a number of properties who employ backpackers and there are a number of young couples on neighboring properties. We are approximately 2 and half hour drives to both Roma in the south and Emerald in the North and just under 4 hours to Rockhampton – so the opportunity to get away for the weekend and travel to reasonable size towns and cities is available.  We are 90kms south of the Carnarvon Gorge where there is great bush walking and camping grounds.  We encourage the Tutor to seek some entertainment/social life away from the property.  It is not a requirement but the Tutor is encouraged to get away on some weekends. 
We will be employing you through the In Home Care scheme.  We will support you with information about this upon application. We will be employing you through the In Home Care scheme.  We will support you with information about this upon application. 
* Fringe Benefits provided by employer
Accommodation & Electricity
Phone connected to accommodation
Meals according to arrangements negotiated
Internet connected to cottage
* Pay own TAX, superannuation and Public Liability Insurance
·         in accordance with In Home Care regulations
·         Copy of Public Liability Insurance needed
* Holiday Options
School Holidays will be paid at Easter, June/July, Sept/ October holidays at a reduced wage.

This is our 11th year of Distant Education schooling and we have a well-resourced schoolroom located approximately 50 metres from the Homestead.  It is attached to the Home Tutor’s cottage by a wide airy verandah.  The schoolroom comprises of 3 rooms – The main schoolroom which has split system air-conditioning with separate desks for the Home Tutor and student.  Attached to the schoolroom is a separate kitchenette used for preparation of morning tea and lunches as well as any cooking.  We also have a separate bathroom.
  Computer Area in Schoolroom

Accommodation is a Two Bedroom Cottage attached to the schoolroom with a wide airy verandah.  Fully furnished with Queen size bed; 2 piece lounge; free-to-air Television; Fully automated washing machine and fully equipped kitchen.  Phone and Internet is connected to the cottage.  The schoolroom complex is located approximately 50 metres from the Homestead.

Job Description
The position is for a Home Tutor for one student – Campbell who will be in Year 10 in 2018.  Campbell was diagnosed with High Functioning Apsergers in 2007.  We require a Qualified Teacher or experienced Home Tutor with a strong interest in Special Needs.

Distant Education is through Charleville SDE (our base school) .
Prepare and organize the weekly program and schoolroom. Our student  require considerable 1:1 time to complete his work and your knowledge through pre reading daily lessons is vital to support him through the lessons. Revision is also done daily and requires preparation.  Campbell’s work is not modified, however scaffolding is needed. We also like to encompass during our school week, life skills which can include cooking, and physical education – gross motor skills and also social skills.  Campbell has a very keen interest in ICT and we require a Home Tutor with very high levels skills in technology. 
The Home Tutor will be required to keep the whole school complex clean and tidy which will include moping and cleaning of the verandah kitchenette and bathroom and also watering plants.
In 2017 we started a schoolroom vegetable garden.
We also have “Fun Friday” or “Terrific Thursday” (dependent on the timetabling) where we have a wind-down of the week with different activities like cooking different foods for lunch and fun activities i.e. movie time or swimming in the pool etc.
At times there may be a requirement to supervise Campbell if we are required to travel away from the property is the parents or big brothers are late returning home.  This will be however on extremely rare occasions.

Hours of work:
This positon is primarily teaching.  Our hours are 7.45 am – 3.00pm – school lessons with some clubs ran after this time.  The Home Tutor school day finishes at 4.00 pm with the added hour allocated for preparation of lessons and tidying up. Home Tutor is encouraged to include extracurricular activities for the children outside of school if time permits, i.e. cooking, science experiments, physical exercise.  There is scope during the school day to allow for study time for the Home Tutor if completing external Education studies.

Home Tutor is to provide their own breakfast and evening meals however if you wish to have the evening meal with the family sometimes during the week, we enjoy the social catch-up.  The Home Tutor is to provide own meals over the weekend.  On school days we have a well-stocked kitchen and preparation of morning tea and lunches is a combined effort between student and Home Tutor.

 Our mail comes from Injune twice a week.  Most correspondence is emailed to/from school, however Library resources are sourced through the Mail Bag.

There is a Landline connected to the cottage – the plan covers free std and local calls.  Monthly rental and mobile calls would be charged.  Phone in schoolroom is to be used only for school matters during school hours unless otherwise negotiated. Sorry mobile coverage not usually available from the cottage.

We have satellite internet.  The cottage as well as the schoolroom has good connections with good download speeds.

When necessary to attend school function and some social functions nearby supervisor will be transported with the family as room in vehicle allows. If supervisor uses own vehicle to attend school function, they will be reimbursed for fuel if appropriate. We suggest a car that is suitable for country driving ie Bullbar, spotlights and AWD or 4WD preferably

First Aid & Working With Children Check:
All employees will be required to have or get at the beginning of employment their Senior First Aid Certificate and Qld Blue Card and ABN.

Other Conditions:
 When necessary to attend school function and some social functions nearby supervisor will be transported with the family as room in vehicle allows. If supervisor uses own vehicle to attend school function, they will be reimbursed for fuel if appropriate.  Smoking is not allowed in our housing or work areas.
  Arcadia Valley
We can supply a referee that can be contacted if you would like to know more about the position and us.



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