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 QLD055 Ineke

We are a small, active family operating our remote 50 square mile property, "Perryvale Station" situated at the headwaters of the Gilbert River. On a map, it is due West of Townsville, North of Richmond and South of Forsayth.

Des, hubby,  suffered  a severe burns accident in June 2014 from which he has made a fairly remarkable recovery.   I have since been  struggling to juggle the extra workload and teaching. This has resulted in our now 13 year old son, Jimmy leaving home for boarding school to do grade 8 in 2017.   Toby, 10 yrs old is at home studying via Riverside Christian College Distance Ed program – a fully book based curriculum without phone lessons.  Usually, we begin school at 8m and we are done by 1pm.

 A full time teaching arrangement is on the cards in the future for the right person for 2018. In the interim, any time you could help out for would be appreciated..

We love to sing and play music (for fun ) here. But it does not happen often enough. Toby is learning piano – changing to bass guitar in 2018 - via Skype with Steve Johnston of Virtual Music Academy. To have another body in the house to add to the musical racket, (I mean masterpieces) would be great!!

For our main musters, we hire a helicopter and contract (horsemen) ringers to help us and otherwise run the property ourselves. 

Our  community is socially active and regularly has sports, races and other get togethers . We value the interaction that is so important to us all. Our Tutor /Govy is welcome to join us for all social events but not expected to do so.

Des and I run Brahman cross cattle breeders at home and fatten our steers on an agistment block on the Downs (drought permitting). Also have a small block near Mareeba for a few steers . In other words, we travel a fair bit  between places. Because we cannot get an agistment block anywhere, we are now  negotiating to purchase a fattening block for our steers. If successful, there may be some work for a partner.  Currently, there is occasional day work already available on various properties around our area.

We are proud of our lifestyle (although it can be demanding at times) which is flexible (more so with our choice of schooling program) whereby children are included in musters and some other work. Tutors are welcome to join in community camps, social events and musters here.             Time off can be negotiated for any period – not just school holidays.

Work in progress . . . schoolwork, cattle yard building (nearly finished them yay), fencing - new and repairs, building house and quarters (nearly finished) ,, , , horse breaking. etc etc etc.

There is always something to do here – guaranteed no boredom at Perryvale !! LOL) We seek someone who is enthusiastic, active and  interested in being in an outback environment. (with the company of a couple of “roughneck boys included as a bonus )      We would welcome our teacher(s) to be part of the family rather than just an employee and hope that the experience would be mutually satisfying and rewarding.

Some govies on other properties with whom I have spoken prefer to stay apart from the "family " circle as it generates a better environment of Teacher / student rather than buddies.

We reckon either way would suit us. All meals are provided and shared as a family. A bedroom is offered in the house or a room in the Quarters for personal space and privacy.

There is no mobile coverage at Perryvale. Landline and internet are available for use with discretion.

Applicant must have ABN number and pay is negotiable and dependant on experience .

 You will be well respected and valued in your role and in turn expect that you will genuinely care about encouraging, extending and supporting the student.

Own transport is preferable but not necessary. Formal teaching qualifications will be an advantage but we will consider anyone who has a firm grasp of the basic 3 R’s.

This position is for a single person, however we are happy to welcome a family (children) and / or accommodate a partner who may have the opportunity to source day work around the ridges. 

 The position is also open to (English speaking) overseas visitors on the appropriate visa, who hold the necessary qualifications. Clean and sober habits and good communication skills are essential.   

We have a separate schoolroom in use. Photos pending or I can hurry them up on request.

Please find the photos to introduce ourselves.

For further information or to make an application, please email perryvalestation@gmail.com,  send Ineke McDowall  a private message or phone  07 40 625 379


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