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 QLD066 Lynda

Our Family:

This job comes with loads of opportunity to experience a different lifestyle and have a real impact on the education of two bright and engaging young children. It would suit someone with a teaching background who is energetic, organised and loves children.

We have 2 primary school children - a girl in year 5 who is practical and enjoys social activities and a little boy in Year 2. He is a deep thinker and enjoys music, maths and singing. Our eldest daughter will be away at boarding school in 2018.

As a family, we feel that being able to raise our children in the bush is a privilege and we try to create a lovely home environment for everyone. We work hard, but like to enjoy all sorts of other activities like running, horse riding, snow skiing and sitting around the campfire in the evening.

The children enjoy engaging with other people and often develop strong bonds with their Governess, so being a strong positive role model is really important. Since we have limited access to extra-curricular activities, we welcome any interests or hobbies you are able to share.

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Quick Information

Property : The Brook Station

. Primary Teaching Position;

. Applicants with a mature and
positive attitude welcomed;

. Separate self contained
accommodation provided.

Email address


Apply to

Lynda O’Brien

Phone Number

(07) 47704470

Start Date

January 2018


Charters Towers School of Distance


180km west of Charters Towers

330km south west of Townsville


. Teaching qualifications and/or experience
. Senior First Aid Certificate;
. Queensland Working With Children Check / Blue Card

Our Property:

We produce beef cattle on a property approximately 330km south west of Townsville, in North Queensland. The property has been in our family for a couple of generations and we love the fact that our children are able to grow up here. They have plenty of pets and love getting involved in mustering.

Our property is surrounded by beautiful natural landscape and geographical formations such as the Great
Basalt Wall and Daintree’s Lookout (an extinct volcano).

We usually have 1 other permanent staff member who lives on the property, plus contractors and backpackers
at different times of year.

Station life:

We run a very busy household with much going on at home, in our business, and family life throughout the year. Being flexible is an advantage, as plans can often change. We would encourage you to take part in any activities happening around the property and in the community if you want to. These may include Royal Flying Doctor Field Days, country horse races and sporting events.

Our Governess’s role is really important, not only in terms of educating our children but also maintaining routine and continuity from day to day. Being able to take responsibility and ownership of the position, allows all aspects of station life to run smoothly. As a result, our Governess is a valued and integral part of the team.

We want your time with us to be rewarding and enjoyable. Being involved in station life is likely to be a life changing experience for someone open to new challenges.

Social life:

Our closest town, Charters Towers, is about 2 hours away. Both Townsville and Charters Towers also offer
quite a lot in terms of shopping and entertainment.

There is a lovely community in the surrounding area, and we often attend events such as local horse races
and tennis or cricket days with other families. We encourage our Governess to join in with the family and enjoy
these activities as well. There are also plenty of opportunities to become involved in whatever is happening on
the property at the time, such as mustering, feeding the animals, and loading cattle trucks.

There are times when the Governess will need to seek out their own form of entertainment on the weekends.
This may include walking, movies, photography, or learning to play an instrument. Having your own car is an
advantage for independent social activity.

Mini-schools and camps are held in Charters Towers every term, and we make an effort to attend these. We also have some lovely neighbours with other young children and governesses in the area.


Salary Package valued at: $650 - $950 depending on experience and qualifications

* Gross Pay per week Upon application – varies with experience

* Fringe Benefits provided by employer Valued at apx $150 per week

. Accommodation & Electricity
. WIFI Internet
. Meat and all basic food is supplied according to arrangements negotiated

* Holidays - negotiable

* Pay own TAX, superannuation and Public Liability Insurance in accordance with In Home Care regulations


The schoolroom is adjacent to the Governess’s accommodation, joined by an undercover breezeway. It is fully
air conditioned, well-resourced and equipped with computers, whiteboard, craft materials, desks, bean bags,
storage facilities, satellite internet, WIFI and telephone. We encourage you to make this space your own.


We provide separate self-contained accommodation located approximately 50m from the main house, whichh
consists of an air-conditioned bedroom, with ensuite, kitchenette/living area, outdoor breezeway and garden..
The accommodation is fully furnished, includes flat screen satellite television, and all linen is supplied..

Job Descriptionn

Home Teacher for our children in Prep, Year 4 and Year 6
The position involves home tutoring our 2 children through Distance Education. The role generally involves:
 Keeping the classroom clean, tidy and organised;
 Reviewing lesson material;
 Preparing and modifying lesson material to suit the children (the basic lesson material is provided, however we need to streamline, modify and supplement this quite heavily at times);
 Planning and teaching supplement or substitute material as needed (such as typing tuition, times table practice, additional reading and comprehension, spelling and phonics work);
 Planning extra-curricular activities (such as craft or ball sports);
 Supervising online interactive classes;
 Liaising with teachers based in Charters Towers;
 Ensuring the children wear hats and sunscreen when outside;
 Supporting our family with the children during mini-schools, camps, and trips to town as necessary;
 Some supervision of the children at odd times such as busy mustering periods.

Our children have very different learning styles and strengths, so being able to understand and adapt the material according will be important.

We encourage extra-curricular activities the afternoons, such as free writing, book club, art and sport. You are encouraged to share any special interests or hobbies you may have.

You will be asked to support the children but also encourage independence in the classroom. This includes supervising and encouraging the children to participate in a daily tidy up of material used. However the main cleaning of the classroom ( e.g. floors, benches and vacuuming ) will need to be done by our Governess once the children leave for the day. Thorough clean needs to be done each Friday afternoon.

Occasionally, we will ask for some additional help to look after the children, for example, supervision when we are away for a workshop or event. The children also attend the schoolroom for movie night one night a week.

Housekeeping for the family is not part of the job. However we ask everyone to keep their own accommodation tidy, and to pitch in with food preparation and washing up when we have meals together.

The position is for 12 months, starting January 2018 through to end of November 2018.

Hours of work:

Children’s school hours are generally 8.00am – 3.30 Monday to Friday. Additional time needs to be allocated
to prepare lessons, prepare additional material, tidy up, complete feedback and check emails.

Unit materials and lesson plans are provided by the School of Distance Education, but require adaptation and


Evening meals can be supplied during the week and our Governess usually prepares her own meals at other times. All basic food such as bread milk, eggs, meat, fruit and vegetables are provided. On Thursday afternoon, we often host a BBQ or pizza night at the family house with everyone who is here at the time.


Mail is collected and delivered twice a week from Charters Towers, on Tuesday and Friday morning. Part of your role is to get school work ready for the post (or email it to the teachers as necessary).


There is access to a landline phone in the school room. A phone card is required for STD calls. Personal and landline phones are to be used for school matters only during school hours unless arrangements have been made otherwise. We do not have access to mobile phone service.


Satellite Internet access is available for personal use outside school/work hours.


When necessary to attend school function and some social functions nearby, Governess is welcome to attend
in the family vehicle. Having your own 4WD vehicle would afford more freedom on the weekends. However
lifts to town with other people are available from time to time.

First Aid & Working With Children Check:

You will need to have, or be prepared to obtain a Senior First Aid Certificate and Blue Card (working with
children's check) before commencement. We can assist with that process.

Other Conditions:

The position requires teaching experience and/or qualifications. We are looking for someone who can be a
positive role model for the children and who has the ability to manage a multiple year levels in the classroom
and adapt to suit different learning styles. Being familiar with using the computer and internet is an advantage.

Most importantly, we are looking for someone who is passionate about developing an enjoyable day-to-day
learning environment for the children, to keep them challenged and give them a good grounding for the rest of
their schooling years.

Having a positive attitude and mature approach to the job is a must.


Former Governess 2012 Kate Webber:

"I would thoroughly recommend going to work for the O'Briens. The
kids are gorgeous and full of personality and I loved being in the classroom with them everyday. They are
passionate about their children's education and have a fantastic team ethic."

We have maintained close friendships with all of our previous Governesses. Our current Governess is
available to speak to at any time and can share first-hand knowledge of the position, the children and their
individual learning styles. I’m happy to provide contact details upon application.