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 QLD217 Teleatha

 My husband Matt, 33 and myself, Teleatha 29, have two girls and a boy Amelia 11, Cormack 9 and Addalyn 5. All the Children are outgoing and energetic. They enjoy being active outside helping with the animals and farm duties. Amelia 11 loves Craft, horses and dancing. Cormack 9 loves animals, fishing and sport. Addalyn 5 loves painting,Dancing and talking.

My husband and I own a Cattle and Grain property 1 hr North of Clermont QLD and another property 56Km west of emerald. We run 2500 head of cattle and 6000 Acers of Farming. There is another young male also living and working on the property, in his own accommodation.

Apply to Teleatha Werner
Email address mattwerner@bigpond.com
Phone Number (07) 49835221 Mob: 0459067472
Start Date January 2017
School Charters Towers School of Distance Ed
Location 100km North of Clermont

·         Senior First Aid                                                           
·         Qld Blue card (Can be applied for upon application)
·         ABN (Can be applied for upon application)
·         Public Liability Insurance
·         Own Vehicle preferred
·         Teaching experiences   
Our Children     Kiddies at Sports carnival 2017          My husband and I
  alf in the Yards                        Sun Set                      Wheat in the Paddock

Station life:
The Governess is welcome to participate in life around the property outside school time.  Please ask us if you would like to participate in anything as sometimes we forget to offer.  Any help offered is always welcome. The Children love to learn and get involved when and where they can.
           Addalyn                    Amelia               Cormack  

Social life:
Social life in the bush can be limited however being and hour from Clermont and Moranbah they’re plenty of social opportunities i.e. sports, pubs and special interest groups. We are a very young social family and community, there is always something happening most weekends and we will do our best to include you in most of these events.  

Salary Package Valued at $800/week
 We will be employing you through the  In Home Care scheme.  We will support you with information about this upon application.

* Gross Pay per week       $ 700/week
* Fringe Benefits provided by employer valued at $100 per week
·       Own fully furnished Accommodation & Electricity
·       Basic meat supplied (Beef)
.       Internet
Increase to wages will be discusses at 6 month it tutor shows good work ethic.
* Pay own TAX, superannuation and Public Liability Insurance
·         In accordance with In Home Care regulations
·         Copy of Public Liability Insurance needed
* Holidays
               School Holidays will be paid if the tutor decides to stay about the station and help out.
ü  Stand alone building (50m from main house)
ü  Lots of storage
ü  Air-conditioned & heated.
ü  A large desk for Governess, separate movable desks for Children
ü  Phone, internet and School laptop for each child
ü  Quiet corner / reading area
ü  Windows to provide natural light
ü  Lots of arts and craft supplies
ü  Plenty of educational posters and recourses
Cleanliness and tidying up of the class room needs to be done daily, this will be a joint effort shared with yourself and the Children.
Very comfortable quarter’s complex comprising of 4 separate air-conditioned rooms, 1 being the governess’s and 3 spare are joined by a wooden deck onto a separate living area. This building includes an Air-conditioned lounge room and kitchen, separate bathroom and laundry. There is also a shed available for a car.  


                          Lounge Area                                    Kitchen
Governess of 3 children, a girl in Grade 6, a boy in Grade 4 and a Girl in year 1 some after school duties if needed.
Prepare and organize the weekly program and schoolroom in accordance with Charters Towers Distance ED program. Supervise the children's work and help as required.
Prompt return of set work, readers, assessment etc..
Organize and clean all resources and monitor craft/stationary stocks etc..
Filling out necessary feedback reports for the teacher
Teach along side another teacher who will be teaching our little girl in Grad 1
 We aim to have as much ‘face to face’ experience with the child/children’s class as possible and will attend as many camps, workshops, mini-schools etc. as possible.  You will be expected to supervise and support our child/children as necessary during these outings. 
This position may include the following duties and general help;
·         You are required to keep the schoolroom and your own quarters neat and tidy
·         Occasional after school supervision may be required during busy periods (eg mustering, planting, Harvesting, branding etc.) If extra hours are worked then flexibility with your hours will certainly be arranged.
Hours of work:
Children’s school hours can vary due to curriculum etc. But are generally 8.00am – 3.00pm with after school care until 5pm Monday to Friday, plus governess will require additional time to prepare lessons. (i.e.: ½ hr in the morning reading emails organizing audio materials etc.) Children have morning tea at the main house under your supervision for ½ hour and will have lunch at the main house for an hours break under you supervision.
Governess is encouraged to include extracurricular activities for the children outside of school if time permits, i.e. cooking, science experiments, and physical exercise.
Ø  Basic meat is supplied as part of the wage (Beef steak, mince, sausages, roast)
Ø  Govie is to provide their own breakfast and weekend meals some evening meals will be supplied if you wish to have dinner with us.
Ø  Govie will have morning tea and lunch with the children at the main house on weekdays.
Postal delivery and collection twice a week to the station on Tuesday Mornings and Friday afternoons.
We are lucky enough to have full mobile service around the main house.
There is no landline in the quarters.
Phone in schoolroom is to be used for school matters only during school hours.
Wifi internet available for personal usage at govie’s quarters.
When attending school functions and social events nearby, Govie will be transported with the family (as room in vehicle allows!)
However, having your own transport is an advantage and recommended.
Other Conditions:
Four Weeks notice needs to be given to the Parent or Governess at the termination of employment.
Governess needs to give at least 2 weeks notice when taking leave or termination or contract.
Confidentially: That you maintain the following; respect, caring, fairness, patience, enthusiasm, helpfulness, acceptance, flexibility and confidentially of family and business matters. In return, we will do the same for you. Capricornia In Home Care has a policy available.  
This position may include some childcare at various busy times.
We would prefer a commitment by a Governess to stay to the end of the school year, this continuity is important for the children. Ideally we are looking for someone longer term.
If this isn’t for you I quite understand and I wish you all the best in your search for a position, If you are still very much interested then I look forward to talking with you soon.
All the best...
Past Governess’s:
Elle Mia Drayton: (Jan 2014– Dec 2014) Email- elledrayton@hotmail.com
Sam Thompson: (Jun 2013- Dec 2013) Contact details on request.
Brittaney Ede: (Family Reference) Contact Details on request.
Laura Arrow: (contact details on request)
Franesca Corsini AUG 2015- Dec 2016  (email francescacorsini@live.co.uk)
Courtney McCarthy Jan 2017 on going (0432 391 512)


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