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 Visa Information

Please go to
https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1 for more current information as VISAs are always changing

The following information was research By Governess Australia For Employers and Jobseekers  -  January 2013


How important is the job title they work under?  OFFICIALLY I am an educator, unofficially I call myself a govie.

Governessing or Nannying does not qualify for a sponsored VISA but Stationhand does. 

Overseas workers can apply online for a Tax file Number -TFN and then an Australian Business Number - ABN meaning they can work for In Home Care of they can get an appropriate VISA


From GovAust User 2013:  If she is under 30 she should be able to apply for a standard 12 month working visa. I think the only problem with this would be that she could only remain in a position for up to 6 months (could be 3). By doing remote work you can get a 12 month extension to the visa. I think to grant the 457, the employer has to prove that there are no suitable candidates in Australia for the position and specialist skills need to be sought from overseas. She can also apply to emigrate, again, this would be expensive and she would have to prove that she has a special set of skills that Australia currently requires.

From GovAust User 2013:  Being from America as well, I have looked into a lot of different VISA's. The best option for someone who wants to work a full year is the "Subclass 462-Work and Holiday Temporary Visa." With this VISA she can be in Australia for 12 months from the first day you come into Australia. She can leave and come into Aussie whenever she like, but she can only work for the same person for 6 months. After that she can easily RENEW her visa.


PERSONAL suggestions, experiences and thoughts:

Unskilled or Untrained: If they can get a working holiday visa go with that, not many other options.

Skilled or Trained:  If they can get a Working holiday then bring them out on that.  If they are what you want for the year then try to get them Employer Sponsored Subclass 457. 

My cousin uses the Subclass 457 for header drivers.  He employs them on the holiday visa first and after he has trained them to do the job and feels they are good enough then he changes them to employer sponsored.  Training can happen by you the employer on the job. 

From my readings of Subclass 457 once you become registered as an employer for a 457 you can do it again.  It also could be handy for employing stationhands and other types of workers as well.

You may be able to use the Regional Sponsored Subclass 187 or Subclass 187 instead of the Subclass 457.  Do research.

Remember you are looking for a worker with the correct skills (requirements) to educate your children.  You are homeschooling your children and it doesn’t matter if you are on SOTA, SDE or any other various names we call distance education.

Remember you are the employer not the DE school.




Regional Visa Options - http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/regional-employment/visa-options.htm

Australian Government Immigration Department - www.immi.gov.au

 Travellers At Work Website: www.taw.com.au/Tax/ABNNumbers.aspx



Overseas workers can apply for ABN’s and are eligible to work under In Home Care

To work on the IN HOME CARE scheme you need to…

  • Do a senior first aid course
  • Register for an ABN (Australian Business Number)
  • Get the Public Liability insurance which your employer and the scheme will help organise

Tax File Number Application

A good page for individuals to start with when applying for an application  https://prodonlineforms.eletter.com.au/auspost/RenderGuide?formId=4

Getting an ABN as an Individual (Sole Trader) for In Home Care Scheme


APPLY on left side menu on this page - https://abr.gov.au/ABRWeb/Homepage.aspx?Task=25715aa9-802b-43dd-a57e-419450c34234&NavGraph=Home&View=Home&pid=71&js=1


  • You are running a childcare business
  • You are an Individual ( Sole Trader)

Travellers At Work Website does have useful information www.taw.com.au/Tax/ABNNumbers.aspx