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My Schoolroom Setup ... Part B

This is my 2012 schoolroom.... having a blank canvas is often a daunting task.  It is much easier to walk into an already setup schoolroom and after a couple of weeks change it to suit.  While it is not finished, gradually we are building it up. 

In the school holidays a door was knocked from The Library in The Schoolroom.  With 3 children to go through the schoolroom and the 2nd child just starting Preschool it was a good decision at a good time.  Last year with just one child it was easy to fit all equipment into The library and use that area as a schoolroom, now with 2 in the classroom and a mountain load of art supplies, schoolwork, books, etc. we just don't fit.


The Floor Plan of the schoolroom and governess quarters.


The schoolroom...


If you have read and looked at my 2010 Powerpoint on Governess Australia you will understand the setup of my schoolroom and the why I do it that way.  

The pink desk is Miss Year One and the purple is Miss Preschool with a bookshelf beside her to house the many games and equiptment of preschool.  


The red desk at the front is the supervisor desk, it is in front of the whiteboard. More often than not this is littered with papers and equipment ready to go for the day.  If we have a special event and a big art week it will often have have ready to go what we need.  


The brown rectangle is a set of shelves to store maths and other schoolroom equiptment that the children need to access.

The schoolroom looking towards the window from the whiteboard


 The schoolroom looking from the window to the whiteboard


The Library...

This mostly house the computer on the orange desk with shelves beside to store the printer, scanner, spare paper and folder not needed.  

The blue shelves are for  books, games and puzzles.  You will notice some pink circles which are beanbags for relaxing reading or quiet time in the morning sun.  This room is also clear in the middle for dancing to music.

The Laundry...

The big yellow box is built in cupboards.  I use them to store all the art equipment and the very top shelf to store boxes we may need to keep to return things to the school.  This cupboard and room can be shut off meaning Miss Toddler can't get into mischief when she visits.


The back verandah...

This room is misnamed because it is no longer a verandah but a fully enclosed backroom with a wall of windows.  At the moment we have built a cubbyhouse from big boxes and spare cupboards in there for the kids to play.


The rest of the house...

The rest of the house consists of 2 bedrooms kitchen and a big lounge area.  This house was originally built pre-transportables, so the rooms are much bigger than expected.  Great area and space for a governess even if they were a couple.  The 50m across the flat provides privacy from the house to have friends over and for the kids to be able to get away from school.

Just a peak into my world as it is in April.


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