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Policy and Waiver

  • Please allow 8 days for the job to appear on the Job Board.

  • Governess Australia has the right to revoke advertising of Applications at anytime.

  • Please remember that while we do our best to provide prompt service, Governess Australia is run by a working governess and as such that position comes first.

  • Governess Australia does not vet positions or resumes.  The JobBoard is just an advertising service; we encourage users to carefully check out each resume or position and its' references before entering employment. 

  • Regular contact needs to be made with the Job Board in regards to whether a position has been filled or job seeker employed. If no contact has been made in three months the position or resume will be removed from the Job Board.

  • Governess Australia accepts no responsibility and makes no endorsement, warranty or representation as to the qualifications or credentials of any person advertising with Governess Australia.

  • All persons advertising with Governess Australia are independent of and not in any way to be considered employees or agents of Governess Australia.

  • Accepting any error or omission in compiling the Governess Australia JobBoard list or positions vacant list, all qualifications, credentials and other personal information is as supplied to Governess Australia, and no responsibility is accepted for the truthfulness or accuracy of said information.

  • Under no circumstances shall Governess Australia be liable for any indirect or consequential damages that may result from the action or inaction of any person advertising with Governess Australia.

  • Governess Australia will only collect personal information by lawful and fair means. We will collect only information that is relevant for the service for which you have inquired.  We will collect all such information directly from you.

Fine Print for Jobseekers

All emails and correspondence should include name and email address used in your APPLICATION FORM.

Applications will be email to members. 
  • Applications will be sent out to Employer member in a weekly update.
  • Applications will be completed in a Word Document Form in the format below.
  • Jobseekers are asked to keep their Applications Form under 1 to 2 pages of information. 
  • The website reserves the right to make changes otherwise.

VISA Information for international workers available on the Information page

This website operates as an advertising service not a job matching service.

Please email the JobBoard to have Applications taken off the weekly Employer Members Update.

Application Forms are emailed every week to employers until you notify the JobBoard and have it taken down. 



ADVICE For Employers and Jobseekers:

Checking and Providing References


Employers should always check references and ask for a check. 

(Working With Children Check or Police)

When employing a governess it is expected that the governess will provide referees and references for the employer to contact.  The governess will also need the appropriate working with children or police checks.

Families have a right to check these as they are asking a stranger to come into their family, home and workplace.  They have a right to keep themselves and their family safe.

Families should ALWAYS check references.

What about the governess?  What are her rights? 

(For the purpose of this blog I will be using her or she but governesses can be both male and female.)


Governesses should always vet the family they intend to work for.  They have a right to feel safe and work in a harrassment free environment.

They should ALWAYS ask for a reference from preferrable a past governess or nanny.  If not then another past employer is acceptable.  Even another family from the school is better then none.

A governess is going to live with a group of strangers in a remote location.  

Employers need to always keep that in mind and encourage the governess .  

What to do if you are in a bad situation?