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 Stories, books and blogs

Over the years I have connected with some amazing people in the outback through social media and my travels.  Listed below are some of my favourites and most entertaining. 

A parent's story of her life...Kylie Fisher

In the Schoolroom ... Practical advice for Govies and mothers compiled by RICE

The UNWRITTEN Laws & Etiquette of the Governess World  is made to entertain with lots of tongue in cheek humour and are not recommendations by Governess Australia but a humorous look at past moments.

Looking Out The Window by Outback Girl  a blog started by an outback girl who governesses. Gives some interesting blogs and all issues. Governess Australia has done some guest blogs on here.

Grit and Giggles is a blog which was started by a girl governessing and goes on to tell who story after governessing.  Well worth looking back over the blog at the schoolroom ideas.
Blogs & Facebook Pages that give a glimpse of outback life

Kids, Cattle and Mobile Phones is passionate about Australian Agriculture

Bessie at Burragan tells her story of a journalist and farmers wife.

The Drillers Wife is a one time govie who met her man and lives on the family property teaching the kids. 

Rural Miss is a passionate primary producer telling her story

Station Photo's give you a wonderful idea on the photos from across Australia on what the outback is like.

Central Station gives an insight into stations in Western Australia and is well worth looking at.

Farmer's Way Of Life First time I read this I laughed so hard I cried.  Humour and outback station life.

Other blogs I have followed over times are ....

http://ankbowtique.blogspot.com/ I know the K of this little group of gals.  She is a dedicated, creative station lady.  With great homemade goods.
http://reddustlove.blogspot.com/ A former govie now a station mum who is has a govie.  Her family are on my local School Of The Air (SOTA).
http://seektarart.blogspot.com/ Tara's family have the station next door to my parents.  Amazing outback connections in her art.
http://turleestationstay.blogspot.com/ Great stationstay by a SOTA mum in my home state.

http://shadybaker.blogspot.com/ Amazing cook and gardener on a property at my local SOTA.  Her recipes make me drool.

http://cattle-kids-chaos.blogspot.com/Some great photos and an interest take on outback life.
http://aroundthebarbecue.blogspot.com/ More Aussie Outback humour

http://bushbelles.blogspot.com/ Lots of great articles and ways to connect to other outback blogs.  Certainly an active supporter of Aussie women bloggers.
http://www.farmerswifey.com/ Just started paying attention to this blog after a particularly interesting blog about the Digital Parents Blog Carnival.
http://bushmumma.blogspot.com/ Really enjoyed her latest blogs on camping and the new swimming pool.
http://thequietlifeqld.blogspot.com/  A craft country lady with great actions shots.  Good to see kids having good old fashion fun.
Good humour and a fantastic calender.  Worth a weekly look.

http://cattlecountrytales.blogspot.com/ An agvocate who is sharing snippits of life while studying.
http://www.ellaatbella.com/A girl and her farmer - their story.  Very cute and a talented writer.
http://fathappycows.blogspot.com/A passionate cattle lady who gives more information about the more political side of agriculture as well as an insight on her life.
http://lettersfromthecountry.blogspot.com/Hopes, wishes, dreams, family and the last blog had a great recipe.
http://cottonwife.blogspot.com/ Want to know about cotton then read here.  Great insight into a couple who live on a cotton property.  I loved the latest read about the floods.
http://talkingfairleigh.blogspot.com/ Passionate about mental health and farming.  Not afraid to speak up.  Love it.
http://paulinespaddock.blogspot.com/Amazing photos.  So many talented people in the bush with pictures and writing.