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 Classroom Management

Bring a classroom together is a big job and on a regular basis we often change things when it doesn't work.  This area of the website is designed for teaching mums and governesses.  If you need ideas or have items to add send it in to govaust@governessaustralia with a explanation.

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Setup of Classroom 

First you need to look at the Schoolroom Setup page which has reasons why I set my schoolroom up in different ways.  It also has suggested items for the schoolroom.  My favourite place to get things is IKEA. Check out the things to look to buy or make to improve you classroom, general setup tips


Planning & Timetables

Organisation is the key.  The Timetables and Planners page has a variety of charts used by governesses over the years.  The key is to adjust them to suit you.  I will use the teacher planner for my own cross of list but always do a kid friendly one to help them with their own routines and develop independance from preschool onwards.


Behavior Management

There are many areas covered on the Behavour Management page; rules, responsibilities, behavouir and positive resinforcement.  It includes some of the things I have collected over the years.  It is a hard area to approach and I am always available on email for confidential chats. including rules & praise ideas


Running the Classroom

The Running the Classroom page is full of tips from govies including some FAQ', concentration suggestions, timefillers, etc.



Dealing with Multiage Classrooms

The Multiage Classroom page is a work in progress as I collect the varies lots of info into one document.



Geeky Techhead Stuff

The Geeky Techhead page is all things technology.  More Coming Soon



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EVERY schoolroom should have an evacuation plan.


Teacher / Supervisor Websites

LearningPage.com - Supervisor site with downloadable worksheets, cliparts and lesson plans

Discovery School - A great site to make puzzles.  It includes 'Word Search,' 'Hidden Message,' 'Mazes,'  'Math Square' just to name a few.  They also have a section for science and 'Brain Boosters' to enhance yours and your children's vocabulary!

Teacherfiles - his site has clipart, lesson activities and links to other educational sites.

Free Fonts  - Lots of fonts and links to other sites

R.I.C. Publications - It has lots of different books great for the kids to do extra work from.

The Teachers Guide - This site has so much useful stuff in I can't tell you about it all.  It has tips on classroom management and the thing I like best is the virtual tours.  You can go anywhere and learn.

Preschool Activities - This site has a lot of theme activities, printable sheets and some great ideas for the very young.