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 My Schoolroom Setup ... Part D

Every schoolroom is different and in 2015 for the first time in three years I had a donga which of course has magnetic walls and can be very hot towards the end of the day and throughout summer.  Luckily it faced a beautiful garden, lawn and the pool which made it a delight to be in.

This schoolroom is the second time I have had the Year 1 and Preschool split.  It is the hardest age different because a preschooler is play based and whatever they want to do they can... whereas year 1 is when they have to get serious after learning basics in kindy.  There tends to be tears and tantrums because each wants to do what the other is doing (which happens with many siblings.

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Home Tutor desk and computer desk end of the room. 



Great IKEA storage unit.  Not my favourite but eventually I got it labelled and sorted.


Great IKEA drawers for each student to have at their desks for their weekly work and things used for that week or regularly.

the student desks and the cupboard house / reading corner.  Great idea for keeping a preschooler busy.

At one stage the cubby took the end of the schoolroom and it was great.  Once a term I hard the big clean up inside but the rest of the time I left the kids to it.  Great ide for reward time and regularly we would do a craft activity to add to it.