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Dealing with Multi-age

The Multiage Classroom page is a work in progress as I collect the varies lots of info into one document.

How do we all handle having several different age children in the classroom?  As you find a great idea or of you have a question comment below

Reading,... Combined the programs so that everyone reads to you but they also read to each other... Peer teaching... Raz kids is great support as is reading eggs and zip tales

Combine activities like PE, Learning Enrichment Cards, Art... don't try to do very students

With Maths focus on learning the outcome not completing every activity as you don't have too. I concentrate on Introducing the outcome. Maths Tracks pages for practise and Reflection / checking up to see how well they can do it.

Put duct tape over ones mouth, while I'm sitting on another and the third is in the office on an air lesson so I can give 1 one-on-one attention then we rotate??  That works right.... Sorry LONG day! If I ever actually did it I'd fire myself lol... Was just the flavour of the day today out here with our temper tantrums and snapping pencil escapades. It's okay we have all had those days!

My Year 2 can't understand why the pre-schooler does 'fun' work in the afternoons and he has to go to school alllllll day (even though he still does the 'fun' stuff in the afternoons with the pre-schooler). I've had walk-outs, tears, and things being thrown but I think that it's just how he's dealing with the change and being back at school, too. I'm still trying to find the perfect happy medium which I'm sure will happen with time! Luckily I get most of the school work done in the morning so afternoons I'm able to pair them both up and give them the same work - but this is something that won't last too long as the school year progresses and he will have to do his work in the afternoon, too.

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I'm new to this site so I thought I might put some of my experience forward, though you have probably already heard it before.  The best thing to do when teaching a large class (the most I've had is 4) is to be well organised.  Colouring in and art is a great reward, so are educational games either on the computer or things like memory/guess who.  I'm very musical and the kids love to be able to use my guitar and piano so this is another reward I use if they are being good.  Always use positive reinforcement even if the child isn't doing his/her best because it will be worthh it in the end.