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I love history and use it to enrich my life and gain better understanding of events to make it easier to teach... was that too deep? Over the years I have developed and compiled loads of information about Christmas history and traditions, songs and activities. 

 The links below are mainly for the Home Tutors information.  What you understand helps you explain or even distract the child when they ask tricky questions.  I always tell the kids that people believe different things and it doen't mean it is wrong or untrue because we all believe in different things.  I also explain that over time we have passed stories down and like playing chinese whispers sometime the story changes slightly.


Always remember to explain to your kids that Father Christmas has many different names and not all people believe in him.


Always remember to explain that the real Santa Claus is very busy and sends helpers from the North Pole to listen to all the kids wishes in shopping centres etc.

Always remember that Christmas is a multicultural mishmash celebration and not just a christian holiday.

Always remember to tell your kids it the early days Father Christmas could of had different clothes, we had no cameras back then.

These PowerPoint is designed to give home tutors across Australia information which has been researched and cross referenced.  Like all learning it is up to you how much information you give to your children.


Christmas Information, History and Carols

  • Christmas Carols.ppt - Great for all ages give information and history of carols
  • Christmastraditions.ppt - Some pages which are adult based but much of it goes through the symbols of Christmas and where they came from.

  • Father Christmas and Other Countries.ppt  - Once again some pages are more to help adults explain.  It also has some unedited information on different countries.  I often share the story of St Nicholas with kids which they love, especially the part about Black Peter.

  • Christmas Guide.doc - Schoolroom activities and ideas

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Christmas Sing Book.doc - My favourite songs and the ones I teach and get the kids to perform. Below are youtube versions of some songs in the book.



Christmas Links From Others