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Welcome! To the world of Australian plants, botany and horticulture!


Meat - Fruit & Vegetables - Dairy...LINKS...


Biological  Farmers  of  Australia...




It includes hundreds of photos of marine life, animals and landscapes including some great ones of Australian animals and dangerous beasts!  You have to register to see the enlarged versions of the photos, but it's free and no hassle.


Australia From Lee-Anne


Information about Australia, its system of government and government services is now available from one point with the launch of the new www.australia.gov.au web site. http://www.australia.gov.au/


Science From Lee-Anne

Science Genre Outline     to right a report.  This guide has lines and all the correct headings for your student.

Science From Others

Museum of Science - Exhibits online as well as articles available.

Invention Facts and Myths - Lots of information here.  A great site for kids to look up information or if you need to find something out to do with machines.

Science projects for kids on Guide to Online Schools: t would make a great addition to your resources.



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